This page is all about Fire Alarm Control Panels.

Introduction Edit

Panels can be both interesting and confusing. This is becuase the name that appears on the panel is not necessarily the company that made it. The majority of fire alarm panels these days are made by Pertronic - even those installed by big companies, such as Wormald. Some companies even re-brand Pertronic & Vigilant products as their own - including eachother!.

Conventional Panels Edit

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Addressable Panels Edit

Pertronic Edit

Sometimes, a Pertronic Panel might be double-sided, and have the controls on the back. This often means that a panel might look like a conventional panel, even if it isn't. A great way to tell is to check the manual call-points inside - if they have a flashing LED, then it's an addressable system.

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Integrated Alarm PanelEdit

This is a very basic panel which just has an on/off function. This panel is only deisgned to link multiple integrated alarm-call-points together, on a system with more than one. These are incredibly rare!

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